Aquafarming Equipments


This 1 horsepower, 65kg aerator is state-of-the-art aquafarming equipment that will give your farm the following benefits:

1. Improve water quality (improves oxygen content)

2. Remove foul odors

3. Reduce excessive algae

4. Enhance fish habitat

5. Decrease mosquito activity

6. Reduce accumulation of bottom sediment

Single Phase
Power: 1HP/0.75KW
Voltage: 220V60HZ
ImpellerSpeed: 140RPM
Gearbox: Cast Iron 4 Spline
Impeller: 2 wheels PP
Floater: 2pcs HDPE
Weight/DIMS: 65kgs,

    We can deliver anywhere in the Philippines. We can also ship anywhere internationally.

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